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Fit Body, Strong Mind

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Learning any new language , especially the one of fitness , with its complex and technical specs (dietary , workout programs, body functioning and methods getting the best out of it) does take understanding

In any case it is an ordeal that does bring along new horizon, new doors into this next journey we are about to embark on, with its thinking, attitude but by all mean ,more pain than in any other linguistic pugilism.




Our body is our temple and how and what we make of it is entirely up to us, we may as well cherish it (suggestive narrative)….

So, not to contradict nor question his holiness the Dalai Lama’s


quote :

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health”….


Are we not born in an evolving manner, In a way that makes us imperfect despite being so perfect?

In a way that allows for us to grow, learn, not without effort , but so for all in the search of it may be getting closer to its true perfection, if wishing so!?…


Loud thought…..


….Tearing or recruiting muscle fiber from our very own calf or scapular muscle so to strengthen our ability is all food for the soul , only a knob on a door that will be extending our life , as if by miracle , the fountain of life had been discovered


No laughing matter here


Our attachment to this new form of living , letting down all past “skills” such as gluttony (laughter) will provide lightness in the body but also in the mind



“Only 10% of our happiness comes from external circumstances”


It partly is about healthy eating , lifestyle , moderating all excess and removing purposeless ….and negatives   (other laughter)


This made it simple for me to conclude I no longer need expanding on the matter as I have here delivered the best old/newcomer item ever…


Forget square shaped watermelon, omit aged iceberg dragged across the seven seas so to find it bottled on your table once melted (tic-toc) , pass the thought that Kopi Luak has now become your best morning wakeup friend, truthfully!? Kona Hawai will take you to higher level of comfort anyway ….

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.21.06


Food for the thought:


Table talk isn’t about food

It is about a connection

Making up, not break up

It is about closing this next deal over a great supper

About sharing the wine , that special bottle that has aged in your cellar , the one you have kept with the most care for this special occasion

It is about life and the way we see and show we understood all about it


This goes without pretention but I am able saying with a certain assertiveness :


It is about us

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