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Not all so bad

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The constant averse having kept our good mood under a thick blanket , isolating us from the happy days of the spring then of the summer , as if any of us deserved it , lowering our crops , leaving us with apples surrounded with a thick skin as tough as leather , not allowing its juices filling with all of mother nature’s sugar normally exploring our buccal cavity at every crunch or bite and sliding along our fingers.

My fond memories of summer BBQ parties , late night running in the fields and the laughter of children enjoying to the full their long summer holiday seems to have vanished , at least this year….

I am grateful the rays are today piercing through the leafy neighborhood , bringing alive once again the parks that were for so long deserted .

I shall say “flooded”.

In contrary and as opposed to the month of January , I could then already hear debate about the necessity of the first frost of the year having gone through a month of November considered as Indian Summer , reaching peaks of 25c  somehow threatening our good balance , bringing a lack of assurance and fear for our already planned camping summer session and music festivals forcing checks upon our “anti-mud” equipment and reinforcing waterproofing of our minutes accommodations turning us into nightmare customers for all camping tools resellers bringing now questions on insurance and warranties on/or reliability and durability of their equipment for sale.

Wow there , lets not get carried away into what seems the way of life (thinking) of any major city’s member , although the drama above mentioned has of course some substantial ground for anyone in questioning and becoming appalled by the course of the last few months , nevertheless , we may be thankful not to be as depressed as these lines may appear to the first eye , only hiding a frustration , a deception , feeling having been let down by our normally warm months , one may only wish this to be converted , reversed to its original state ….. Summer God Damnit!

As we all are brushing shoulder within the corridors of the underground , at work or at an art gallery , it seems we all understand and are all guided by the importance of our gardens , the origin of the food we will soon find ourselves eating at the table  , and therefore following a path suitable for everyone.

This alone reassure me.

As a contradiction to this statement I suddenly remember this picture above I am unable in authenticating  its genuinity but finding myself forced in sharing with you , as if to prove myself wrong in the good deed of all individuals , therefore demonstrating exception…….. An exception I not only fully resent but that I rather like to see in this percentage….

A few items tickle my envies though , creativity is not dead , as per demonstrate these sheets of Nori , having been processed with laser cut technology , bringing all new designs to your sushi.

I kind of love it………

So do I when it comes to this plate design , studied so for encouraging children in eating their vegetables (a grown ups version shall be coming out soon)

This virtual shelving or LCD screens (closer to reality still) in a South Korean shop will allow one in selecting all articles necessary for his/her shopping , without the need of pushing any trolley as all registered items will be packed and kindly brought to your car once payment has been proceeded with.

No more messy aisle while stock rotating  , forcing clientele in slaloming amongst boxes of vegetables and wide empty crates of bottled water , as seen in our 24hours stores

How convenient …..

These sushi , or rather their “garniture” , will glow in the dark !

GloFish or patented genetically modified zebra fish have been “formulated” with the purpose of detecting pollution by selectively fluorescing in the presence of environmental toxins and may now be found as pet and in our plates

Nepal has seen climbers hanging hundreds of meters down the precipice jus for the collection of our well loved honey.

Someone “clever” must have certainly put a high price tag if ever to be found on our shelving.

A not so amusing report I read the other day while on the underground , making me grin for the lack of common sense normally seen in everyone of us , clearly missing in some…..

Almost so to finish on a sweet note, I have seen on too many occasion that a Milk chocolate version of Philadelphia had seen birth early in the year …

Here is the Uk version made with Cadbury of course , this said and having grown up in France , being surrounded by shelves of the Milka chocolate (very popular in Alsace) I’d love trying its counterpart version so to quality control the product , not that I am having doubts , I simply want more of this spread

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