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David Sprüngli-Schwarz since 1845

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The way to eat your chocolate is to let it melt , gently and slowly , revealing most of its flavors, if not , a step at a time.

At first , the taste of the wasabi literally kicks in all my sensors , and makes its entry like a penalty ….. but the warmth of this roots is tricky , in fact it does not warn that your teeth will soon be “jailbreaked” from the inside out and that a wave of heat (not uncomfortable I must stress) will come bursting , making sure it is being felt.

Then , because the matter is not yet over , it is turn to my mind to be played with , as the so natural taste noted here confuses it , I suddenly realize my eyes are lurking for sushi’s …. Sushi ?

I thought I was treating myself with 70% of pure delight !?
There are no soft rolling grains of silky rice to be seen here, nor any dark and intriguing sheets of nori.

One may pinch the skin of his harm to very soon realize that Lindt , has launched a brand new line of bars sold over the counter (the sale of these naughty 10 packs slates should be controlled if you ask me) , making my life a dream come true.

In contrary to a few animals , the human body has the advantage of being able to break down and evacuate any form of toxin found in the cocoa bean (Theobromine , from the name of the plant Theobroma also known as “Food for the Gods”) allowing us (next to our favorite pet dog/cat) to consume with excess these dark and old recipe and concoctions , serving in numerous religious traditions , in various forms and shape (chocolate St Nicolas / Easter Eggs / Rabbit …and so on ) & sometimes covering ourselves with it , as consideration of ultimate sensual bliss.

Many thank you to not only the evolution of our race but also to our thinking tanks at Kew Royal botanic garden (amongst many), who have set up a plant and seed bank where everyone is welcome in saving any plant or flower by simply adopting , whether a single item or a whole species

To mention another newly discovered fact , we have all read about the bees and discovered at some point in our lifetime, their importance in the pollination and of the disastrous consequences if they were to disappear.

Not only the roofs of Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason do nowadays hold beehive and produce the nectar made by these laborious , sometimes soldier , but always gardener of our back yards and orchards.

Nicolas Geant in Paris France , has come up with the not so silly idea , of installing at the request of enterprises and particular (Louis Vuiton , La Tour d’Argent , EDF la Defense and Guerlain) , beehives as per floating clouds above their rooftops , providing a clear and delicate honey having the advantage of being produced in larger quantity than in the countryside , Paris having a “decret” of no pesticides allowed , thus providing the ideal environment , plus , having an “atout” of being surrounded with large variety of plants and flowers being cultivated and taken well care of , from the numerous garden of the Capital.

Capital “Bee”


Sparkling or Still , Red , Blue or Green…

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50 WordPress posts and still so much “blabbing” about to do , what a fab challenge/fun

The French definition of the word “enthousiasme” goes as follows:

enthousiasme (du grec ancien : ἐνθουσιασμός enthousiasmós) signifiait à l’origine inspiration ou possession par le souffle divin ou par la présence d’un dieu.

Would this explain not only the rushing adrenaline pumping in you when a brand new “Eureka” moment not only fills one side of your brain but also the sudden arrival of a heavy load, requesting almost immediately the support from one hand gently laying its palm against the side of ones face , supported by a strong elbow and allowing as if part of a generic , thoughts taking shape and place , helping finding not the right answers but the correct questioning (are you still with me?)

No divinity at my house this weekend but a load to talk about most certainly (grin) although I may just set the cover for two , ones never so shure.

Food and many other goodies have had their justice made on these pages before ,  items coming from all around the world , near and far away , all with their out most intriguing origin , source , fabrication and use.

Well , the use as we may know has mostly been around our mouthful and all kind of eating habits.

Drinks are part of any table setting , any type of beverage that is , whether made of water melted from imported Iceberg blocs , wines slowly ageing  in a secretly located 200 years old cellar , crushed grapes between bare toes or even squeezed fermented “Amarula” fruit producing its liqueur , making not only monkeys tipsy but also bringing us joy , another nature original not element but “product” , all needless to mention in need of honoring , talking about , in other words speaking out loud their respective mark of elevation amongst a world of “taken for granted” attitude

All kind of drinks are being found in the Alsace region (not “par hazard”as you may well know my origins by now)

Beer of all sorts and kind , mineral water , cordial , liqueur and eau de vie , wine …etc

Just to name a few: Schutz , Adelshoffen , Ancre , Fisher , Kronenbourg , Meteor , Gruber , CK Perle , Freysz , Prieur , Klotz , Tigre Bock , Colmar Pils , Mutzig , Nain d’Alsace for the beers.

Riesling , Klevner , Gewurtztraminer , Pinot noir …etc for the wines.

Carola , Soulzmatt , Celtique Springs… you have guessed these are mineral water

For some such as the Jouvence de Wattviller , a pedigree is often attached dating back the Roman times.

What’s not to talk about …

My love for simple dishes is as strong and dedicated as for any plate of food where a modernist touch will have been needed so for to create an elegant , light and up to trend and date dish , of course all origins are welcome , Alsace being my “anchor” , this dedication to my land is no chauvinism , in fact , this same love is spread and shared and experienced as per below one of London’s oldest Eel shop.

M. Manze pie ‘n’ mash in South London has been using the exact same recipe of pies and liquor since 1902

Why would anyone want to change or even lose traditions , values as such that are the essence of what any attachment is about , a certain amount of pride as per any recipe , ingredients and the love given to the dish at the time of its fabrication , all making it what it is at its final stage

… this is cooking

Bringing new , original and rare items is also a choice of mine , being put forward to search and experiment so for to allow my work development of some kind , so I will along the way , pick up original designs

or  fancy ideas , all that may well be of some kind of interest

Finding a logo on your toast for example may sound very … almost annoying  by the arrogance the idea is producing , by facts that no boundaries are hereby respected and forcing you consuming advertisement while eating breakfast or a plate of smoked salmon with freshly grated horseradish and caper berries and a turn of your favorite Szechuan pepper , but the good news is that a crack , an opening to new forms of art and ideas has now been opened.

Let’s free this imagination.

Reading back this page one may only get confused by the changes , passing from classic recipes used for the jellied eel or mash served at M.Manze pie shop to the above “toaster/scanner” that will leave your imprint as early engraved in your memory as the first smell of coffee of the morning , but all are well related and by reminding ourselves that passing from comfort to extravagant is a very easy task for some of us , we may only conclude/assume , this page is a not so extraordinary exercise ….. for an ordinary person.

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