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Something for the Week-End ,Take “2

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“La Papillotheque”, as Guy Savoy has described his feelings anchored within him , having had a gardener for father and a mother knowing how to combine the result of this great skill and making good use of it by taking care in a good fashion way that is , of preparing and cooking  the abundance of the subtiles ingredients harvested in the family garden through the year , is something we could all easily feel related to.

I know that too well myself having had the chance to witness the growing of the “Endive” , slowly popping through the cool sand (helping the leafs keeping tight instead of opening up) that was there , in a corner of the cellar , held by large planks of wood , forming this frame containing the pale coloured bulbs (Leaf Chicory) , all in this “dark room” as per avoiding any chance for chlorophyl developing , refraining them from turning green as any type of leafy vegetable would .

The discovery of this growing method is known to have been discovered in the late 17th Century , for me it was more like 1975 (ish)

But , why am I telling you this , is it this sudden urge (again) , having collected a few ideas and photos taken along the way , put together making my inner thoughts bubbling as a Marmite of good stock embauming the kitchen , clearly showing that life is taking place within these walls and that love is being spread by ways of nourishing one appetite ?

Yes , simply as it sounds , this goes all the way since my first , not attempt but blab” that took me on a journey since this day of summer 2010.

As a contrast to the direction my thought above are going towards to , as opposite to my deeply rooted love for my “Classic” training , thus coming way back from the time I grew up , the food I was used to taste and see stewing gently , smelling its variant of flavors while passing below the kitchen window of my Grand-Mother’s house , all this thinking it was playtime.

I believe in a fun kind of way , that I was groomed , shaped into nowadays “myself” , loving … I mean really loving having the ability to turn back the clock and enjoy all these wonderful moments engraved forever  (please do not take me wrong as no pretention is allowed hereby that would therefore be tarnishing my thinking), and then being able to switch back and forth , bringing (after discovering myself) items I am finding exceptional for some, intriguing for others , but nevertheless interesting in all kind of ways and if I may stress , I am finding this ability so rewarding I am considering myself to be lucky having this in me.

In 2010 (ish) a Japanese firm created a Chocolate Sparkling Water. Heston Blumenthal and the alike have all extracted and created similar concoctions out of what we all know very well (I have much faith in you), as bars of chocolate of different origins , so to please the palates.

Our mind being now set to accept all chocolate tasting food items coming as creamy and rich whether under the form of a “Moelleux” or “Pot” , “Brulee” or “Panacota” , running and oozing out of a hard shell spreading onto one’s plate , sexy and masculine , though very much-loved by all genders , right? a warm and cosy cup of deliciously thick milky drink …etc , is now being tricked into accepting this texture rather lacking “un je ne sais quoi”, flowing so rapidly but surprisingly pushing us on our back heels , bringing all kind of words into our vocal cords , not shying away but rather screaming out for this surprisingly chocolaty drink , sounding more like “Wow” and “Yum” …. I dare you!

My play with contrasts has yet not been totally exhausted , “Que Neni”  in fact it is now taking me , taking you , to the high-end of the of Chilean cooking  , brushing closely with nature in this nonetheless ecological baking , grilling method.

Sun Rays generated oven reflected onto mirrors so to provide sufficient energy to cook , (slowly I leave it to you ), bake , grill and fry a variety of traditional , simple and modest , but cooked dishes , are being used in this part of the world and somehow are making the talk for some , on our part of the world.

Their originality having brought them to the social media mainstream we nowadays browse on a not so ecological electricity powered battery computers ourselves. Ahem,ahem!

(although Apple vision of the Macbook , was made by living space for thoughts around more ecological encasing …etc , that is a fact!)

Our planet population’s recently reached 7Billion inhabitant.

That is 7 millions of millions of persons

We are prone to expect , see and learn on a daily basis , not only what our neighbor way of thinking is (are) but also to accept the way they would call “Happy Cooking”, why not enjoying it.

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