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Eau de Burton

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Because of the way we eat , our food chain supply and every envy and desire to discover more and more , creating new ways and methods of cooking along with the ingredients coming always accompanied by new techniques …etc we may only praise and welcome ideas and newcomers on our kitchen cupboard shelving and therefore our table.

At least I do , but as you are probably starting to know my little habits of being not only nosy (in a kind sweet way that is) , taking quick shots (pictures not the drinks) everywhere I go , being a little curious , envious and showing and speaking my interest , sometimes  perhaps having a good listener in front of me , “blabbing” about the reason my belly is a little rounder than any average grown up 6”1 male chef that has spent his years in a warm kitchen , and just about to go for another round of great cooking , tasting and yumming around , all this while everyone else is busy counting , adding but most of the time substracting…..

I am not sorry for loving my work , even though being a romantic in front of a stove may get you hurt.

No no not at all , please do not mistake me , my fingers may bear a few small cuts scars ,  these appearing only once a good hint of holiday , sunburn coming brushing my skin , and while enjoying however simple my pleasure are , slowly reminding me it was not only not just an easy road but also well worth it.

Nevermind the cryptic here , my mind speaking may only be confusion to many of you.

Having had for reading recently only some silly comedian playing poker with his own life as if riding a high-octane motorcycle not wearing any helmet , I feel this silliness staining on me , in a good way , as per providing me the little “less seriously” bit that I had missing for so long.

My food having been my remedy , providing me as for some using shopping therapy or else , the calm and ground I feel comfortable not only talking about but also living , breathing and cooking most of the time.

As per the starting of my wordings today , I wanted to lead you toward a special day I have and am happy to say , lived and experienced.

Do not ask me why , the simple truth is that as a great believer of large and small things , I have entered the Waitrose School of cooking off Finchley Road North London , with a little apprehension.

Although I really love using a few only of the Sosa product range , I was on this specific day about to assist to a talk from its creator himself.

This little “BIG” man if I may say , full of curiosity and thoughts flying above him as per an “aura”, talks and thinks through , for chefs , pastry chefs and all kind of food creators.

Having studied philosophy , therefore equipped with a background of great and voluptuous love for answers  (and all ways of search for it) Chixo Sosa , believes that his product nonetheless have created a hype , therefore damaging the image being tried hereby ( I would only say that all great ideas having caused controversy have proved to be worth it….so all the best Mr Sosa , you are doing just fine ).

I am not a skeptical , please do not take me wrong but I have to mention this man has gone under my skin.

Although my classical background reminds me and pulls me backward every now and then I have very strong attraction for one or two of his new upcoming product as I believe that now the range has just reached the 2500 products.

Bless him as one would say hereby in my neighborhood , they do still fabricate the original Torrons Artesan and Panetone as did their ancestors.

What does that tell you?!


Newsletter November 2011

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