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Majorca / Hurlingham via Marseille , only good things may take place.

In Association Culinaire Francaise, Food, Travel on October 18, 2011 at 11:50

At around 8am , the sun is very much appearing as a big bright orange (high up it is scorching although we are soon to be flirting with the winter frosts), sending us all his best kisses , warm and comforting , like bouncing off the surface of mother earth as if by amusement , making his stand up also known as rise , this elegantly , allowing us seeing through the aurora so to ripen the fields of olives , almonds and much more , giving us another wonderful day this time to return to our not so monotonous but different , filled with working days and e-mails of justification , approvals …etc normal life in other terms…

I feel having been away for so long ,as if my travel had included a period through time , I now return to the much larger city of Palma going through the traffic that always leads us to it , as if dragged , sucked in.

I enjoy very much what is then being felt , having loved now and then sipping a fruit cocktail through a straw and being kept apart from much of all reality , but that at time , also is reality.

Sobressada de Majorca made from black pig is “something” to spread on a chunky slice of deliciously toasted bread (wood fired if you still have your BBQ at hand) as this onctuous and rich , red of paprika and spices “paste” is pushed into this not so elegant , rather rustic “tube” (Or its many variant such as Longaniza , Rizada to name a few) made from the pork intestine is delicious either spread onto bread or even slowly melted before adding a rice into the cooking pot , instantly coloring and perfuming the dish in ways real food lovers only may understand , feel and even sometimes smell although my wordings are simple and only describing the reason my mouth is now running its juices made of an excitement I only get from memory , desire but also experience and expectation.

There are a few other items one may squeeze amongst his luggage when travelling so to remind himself the pleasure only recently felt and discovered such as the Crema de Almendra , found to be used (as per recommendations) dissolved into warm milk during the long and cold nights of our winter or used into cakes and various patisseries.

Dulce de Leche or “Milk Jam” beside being local and “tradicional” , has this toffee consistency with the beating powers of “elbow pushing” Nutellas and other lookalike off the markets shelves.

Closer to “our” Mediterranean shores , in the Marseille region , has seen the appearance of what I would describe as subtile creation not only by its ingredients but its presentation being so adequate , so “branche d’Olivier”

L’esperantine de Marseille (avec l’accent s’il vous plait) was created in 1999 for the 2600 years of the city of Marseille and obtained immediately high recognition amongst the great chocolate “haut de gamme”. I must say myself I am loving its down to earth concept  (almond,mint,orange and extra virgin olive oil) but equaling its place amongst my favourite in terms of love , design taste and originality, thus beside the like of Bubble Chocolate Lenotre or its “L7g” cube of 7gr of pure chocolate bliss aspreviously reported.

As the ACF Annual Black Tie Event is just around the corner (Friday 21st October 2011), its purpose in promoting our industry is being constantly worked on , wishing not only its success but also perpetration , a “happy cooking” motto always is in order as has proved its latest competition , having brought together a few professionals of various levels , all brushing shoulder with one another.

  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your post.

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