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Prior to Sunrise

In Blablabla, Food on September 20, 2011 at 12:49

It was pitch black when I woke up this morning fully determined to make it to Billingsgate London Fish market.

70 minutes later , having avoided the traffic and the morning rush of the city , I may report my rapid trip in the early hours driving through the streets of London so to feel the buzz of the first day of the week at Billingsgate market , attracting restaurateurs and other fish and shellfish aficionados.

Razor Clams and 20 Pounds Halibuts laying there awaiting for ownership , for the pair of agile hands to slice through its delicate flesh.

Then , poaching , frying or steaming its “steaks” just right so to fully enjoy its savour and light and delicate “meat”.

I love walking through the alleys perfumed with marine salt and iodine , hearing the rush of the early morning , the cry of the seagulls around an above the market although surrounded by the city blocks , the deals being made rapidly all in respect and appearing as a ballet of fork lifts carrying large boxes of the latest catch , the eye of the blue crab like a glance , a stare , an “adieu”, all beautiful and mouthwatering as recipes and ways of serving it are on the motorway of anticipation and as they are being created in our thoughtful mind while we walk along the suppliers , all keen to get on the most rapidly as possible as the day is in full run and is lasting only 3 and a half hours each and every of the 5 days it is opened during the week.

A cup of tea and perhaps a bowl of jellied eel accompanied with brown toast is now in order while typing these words so to spread this experience I always endeavor feeling when I step in this “gigantic machine” so to provide the most accurate of its story and purpose as after all Billingsgate market is deserving more than 25 000 tonnes of Fish and Fish products to the London market every single years counting in average £200 millions of revenues.

On the first floor of Billingsgate fish market may be found along with the traders and controller offices  a charity school that is offering seafood and fish courses to all school children in order to promote and educate on seafood and fish eating and its health benefits  but also offering classes to students preparing for NVQ’s as per fishmongers preparation techniques are being taught and demonstrated for the purpose.

It is thought that perhaps King “Belin” in and around 400BC could have been at the origin of the present day’s name “Billingsgate”.

The market being close to the Thames where Dutch boats were moored so for to provide with Eels as in 1699 , a decret was then granted to them , having fed and therefore helped the London population during the great fire as a sign of recognition still existing to this day to have the monopole on all Eels product and therefore none to be found on the market stalls.

Wishing you will perhaps visit and recognize the amusement and entertainement I may find myself , when heading for a professional center of distribution like such as always , always I have taken great pleasure in re-discovering  its about and long standing and solidly well respected place.

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