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From the north to the southern hemisphere….

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September being the month for food festivals all over the Uk , whether it will be  “Feast of Dorset” , the repetitively famous “Taste Cumbria Food Festival” or the Brogdale Farms Cider Festival, I invite you to browse online via the numerous website available calendars of events on the subject.

Here are a few links for your interest:

and for those adept of the Taste of London , still travelling to some cities around Europe and willing to attend its equivalent in Milan , Amsterdam or Dublin please refer to the below so familiar link …

The summer season peak is looking towards the end with regards to summer fruits coming from the continent (if not already as looking now through my lounge wide window showing the interminable flow of rain falling on us on this day) as peaches,  nectarins and melon are showing their best fully mature and ripe flavours as if dressed for an occasion so to excuse themselves until next time.

Although Pears are now juicy and gorged with the sweetness of  a honey pot , apples falling from the tree announcing their readiness , demanding one thing that a little of short crust pastry to be placed under and over them as a blanket , a duvet telling us to start covering ourselves , reminder of the colder days to come.

Don’t we simply love the turn of the seasons , the changes in our eating  and taste as tomatoes and fennels will slowly leave place to cabbages and roots , parsnips and celeriac , game birds  and stews , I read you already looking for to finish your sauce with a drop of chocolate or cranberry jelly so to accompany the venison loin  gently roasting in the foam of the light butter , a crispy sliced beetroot placed delicately atop as per ornament with alongside freshly sautéed Spaetzle  .

Lets open our minds on the goodness simple dishes as such are to bring upon us , the sheer joy shared with our family usually expressed by Mmmmmm’s and Yuuuum’s.

As per one of our previous update , our still very new and what I may announce to be of a certain success, our Facebook page was created for the purpose and is to be used as a professional platform  , we are therefore welcoming any of you to bring along your knowledge , sharing with us all your deepest secret place or favorite food fair tucked into your area perhaps , or any original product you may have stumbled upon  that could wows us all or a new magazine that could be of any interest allowing us discovery  ….and so on

Until next time , I wish you happy cooking !


Hopla geiss ! Parcequ’il ne faut jamais renier ses origines :)

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S’Lembàcher Blattel vous invite à faire la fête à Lembach et environs :
 – au Fleckenstein avec les Charbonniers
   – à Lembach pour les 70 ans de l’ASL section Football
     – au Pfaffenbronn avec les Portes Ouvertes des Agriculteurs
Semaine des Charbonniers du Fleckenstein (suite)
Vendredi 5 août à partir de 19 h
        Soirée Grill des Troubadours du Gimbelhof
        Poulets et jarrets cuits dans la braise
       Concert de l’Harmonie du Herrenstein
Samedi 6 août à partir de 20 h
        Concert Mélodia (accordéonistes)
Dimanche 7 août à partir de 6 h
        Ouverture de la meule
        Vente du charbon de bois à 11 h
70 ème anniversaire de l’Association Sportive de Lembach, section Football
Samedi 6 août à partir de 17 h
       Match de l’Entente Lembach – Wingen à 18 h
       Soirée “Open Air” sous chapiteau à partir de 20 h avec l’Orchestre “Valérys”
       Tartes flambées à partir de 17 h
Dimanche 7 août
      10 h : Célébration oecuménique sous chapiteau
      11 h : Apéritif – concert avec l’orchestre Happaranka
      12 h : Repas de midi
      14 h : Match Hunspach – Hochfelden
      16 h : Cérémonie officielle
      17 h : Match de gala entre le FC Steinseltz et l’US Oberlauterbach
“Un dimanche à la Ferme” au Pfaffenbronn
Dimanche 7 août à partir de 11 h
      Portes ouvertes des Fermes Werly, Trautmann et Walther
      Portes ouvertes du Moulin à huile Jaming
     Concours de labour cantonal
     Présentation de bois énergie : plaquettes et chaufferies
     Exposition de matériel de chauffage
     Promenades en calèches
     Steak- Frites – Salade à midi
     Tartes Flambées et animation musicale en soirée
Buvette, petite restauration aux 3 endroits
Animations entièrement gratuites – Entrée libre

Reach for the …. stars

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As mentioned elsewhere , I have the not so “deplaisant” task of introducing you to our next competition “The Escoffier Challenge 2011” . This competition has seen the day and was and still is organised so for to promote the industry , our industry , offering to professionals and students a chance of striving and challenging themselves , gaining very useful tools , equipping one with serious knowledge , organisation and confidence , very often neglected beside the winning prizes.

Of course a beautiful trophy , diploma or medal along with a seriously merited added experience to one Curriculum is not to be neglected . Nevertheless , let the cooking do the talking.

I may only wish the very best of luck to all participants.

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