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No Veggies nor War

In Uncategorized on June 28, 2011 at 22:32

The reason the above item is being mentioned is that when I first stumbled on it I understood it to be growing vegetables (don’t ask me why) such as runner beans climbing all the way up your garden wall or another plant almost instantly providing your patio fence the Christmas tree effect with the glowing red balls hereby represented by the ripen fruit , tomato that is , but no, it is flowers to be seeded with the same manner as any good soldier would with all the intention in the world so to hurt his enemy. It tells me so much that I wish I had not seen in it in the first place…..but then, it hits me and my thoughts gashing through tiny cracks of my slowly brewing mind implores so to take an immediate thinking route , that same thinking I had at the very same first moment I found myself facing these instruments of war. Food , that is my business after all , my only reason for typing words on my keyboard, although I may now only fall deeply in love with the spreading idea that this “gesture” has now come this beautiful move.

These same tiny cracks are now being forced opening up, becoming larger so for ideas to be knocking on the door of imagination, hope and possible evolution. I mean real evolution , the one where learning from mistakes is indeed improving , becoming better and faultless, just like working on a new recipe, improving and making it to everyone’s taste, low salt, carb, calories, dairy free ….etc but still with the taste and sumptuous crunch and mouth-watering that first bite will provide one’s oral mucosa.

As I do not want to mix what I now feel to have become a message here represented , I mean by this that not much may be added to this page today as it has given me not only much pleasure in writing but as the array and shamble going on around it is leaving me perplex and intrigued as to what next will spring from it, because something tells me that it will, I feel the urge sharing with you this discovery for you to perhaps experience it over the grey roofs around you and the empty soul playgrounds this hot summer. So enjoy the news that for a mere £10 you are now not only able to “feel” you are getting your revenge on your grumpy neighbour but also you are giving him love in such way that something pretty and delicate , needing care and attention will come out of what seems a brutal throw.



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