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From Nose to Fin

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In our industry , what are competitions , medals & titles for if not to feed ones ego to the limit of  seeing above the first human touch that is normally taking place in a kitchen, running through and rolling like notes on a solfege scale with sometimes the laughter of children in a Circus spectacle and at other times with the intense and seriousness of a service made and focused as dignitaries are about to sit down , adding a name to our Curriculum.

As the atmosphere allows only the sharpest knife cutting through its most thick and dense duvet , only the most loving and dedicated chef will end on his/her knees, begging for more of this food to be allowed for him to produce, having dropped the idea of making himself a name as his love for our nature food store spoils him every days with her complex generosity and gorgeous array and variety of flowers , fruits and vegetable, coffees and spices , fish and games (birds & venisons), thank you mother Earth therefore giving him no sufficient reason for approaching his duties as a battle field.

Working with food and not feeling close to it would otherwise be identical as ones first morning brush of his teeth with the “Bacon Toothpaste”, I can see the “Grimace” from here made by your 43 facial muscles contracted , giving you instant added 10 years ageing , perhaps also felt when trying out its “app” the floss of the same flavour…not to mention the scented candle , yes bacon also that is…..which I am today refraining myself from displaying as it seems my wall to be overtaken by crispy slices of pork cuts, in all shapes and forms that is.

I know my wordings may at times be sounding cryptic but how would you then describe the Heart Salt Shaker pictured below ? Clever, harsh, realistic and educatif, of bad taste even? It is a little as an “Aigre Doux” sauce would taste like, tangy, zesty but with a passion behind , once tasted ,  its sweetness would make your taste bud asking for more, unfortunately this would have  again a contradiction, it would perhaps not only give you goodness but also a little of diabetes and/or cholesterol would come along , as if part of the ingredient list belonging to the recipe , unfortunately as the defended fruit it would have it’s after taste , but do we care , ahem….yes we  do

While we are at it , Yuck! is a little book of no-nonsense , ideas have been recolted from various costumes across the globe representing many odd eaten items such as frogs legs in France which may seem strange to all apart to us the “Froggies” , or Natto , a fermented “sticky” soy beans dish eaten in Japan chasing away many of the ones whom dared ordering a bowl of it and giving up before tucking into its unappetising stringy texture. Fish Maw soup which is a speciality in the city of Malacca in Malaysia (fish maw being the sac found in the belly which by regulated  control is allowing the fish to submerge itself …etc).

The product(s) of the month if I had to bring some before you, would have to be in the first place , the “Delo”

These little capsules are to be screwed atop of a bottle of water , whether it is mineral, spring or tap ,these will instantly flavour your drinks a practical and fabulous idea, to be t(e)asted though but until then we’ll have a look at the Tipsy Wine Testing Glass by Alvaro Uribe ,

original and not so away from a real purpose, giving one a good run for its nose along with cutting edge design in a simple way not seen previously.

So is the “Nordic-egg-waffle” , made from a pan named similarly , we all know very well that shape and different cutting giving twist or rounder taste in the food that we eat.

They are looking scrummy aren’t they?!

I think of these “bubble” waffles arranged as an army of Quail eggs battalion ready for a sprinkle of celery salt, instead it is light and cloudy icing sugar that will come and cover their delicate crisp outer shell, spoons of whipped and rich chestnut cream taking us back , way back, to those delicious moment of spoilness taken on a warm seaside ,hair in the wind as the Mediterranee’s sending us her salty smell with mixed mistral and tramontane , odour of peach and melon coming from the markets , claiming and standing ground in a “ferocious” way that says “au vent”. However you don’t hear their message, you want it all just as it is , without having to fight for it as you are you too an element of this beautiful painting.


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