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Food , Design…..and Other Scrummy Bits

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It is certainly Lenotre chocolate that is leading the section “design” in the world of woaow chocolate bars, I know we are far off the Milka bars sprinkled with Hazelnuts and Raisins, having a Blue Swiss cow fronting its advertising campaign (please do not take me wrong as I am certainly not having a go at this brand nor at Lindt for being classic in their chocolate wrapper ) I am hereby elevating the “Bubbles” above pictured as you might have guessed, they are imaginative, elegant , round and without a doubt  Yummy enough to make you miss part of the movie you might be watching at the time of scrumming, why? well, just because these 125gr , 70% Dark Chocolate “Bubbles” are filled with a Praline and caramelised Hazelnut ganache…….see for yourself, we are not so far from our original favourite taste and love for the crunch of the sugar-coated nut crackling in our mouth while a delicious chocolate melt tempering on your tongue, leaving you in extase and groaning of pleasure , you don’t even care disturbing others at the cinema. You are eating Lenotre chocolate “Bubble Bar”.

I just simply do not understand why it isn’t more advertised, such as this code-named cube “L7g” (7gr of Pure Pleasure above) perhaps we as consumer should all receive a “Bubble Bar” through our letter box, imagine the impact on our lives, this could change our concept on morals and other issues and make human kind become good to one another. So, while I am waiting patiently in front of my porch for the postman to make his first move in changing the world by chocolate love spreading , I will be writing about it until perhaps I am being heard, like a prayer, waiting for a miracle…That is the advantage of being a “Romantic” rather than a “Sceptical”, you believe in good things!

We have seen the Corn , Agave , Molasse , Mapple Syrup, now we may also try and use the syrup made from this tuber original from the Andes Mountains in South America, I name the Yacon Plant or Yacon Syrup. It is known for its properties having only few calories and low content sugar so may be consumed by people suffering from Diabetes and other digestive disorders. In Brazil, its leafs are dried then used as Tea.

Rapadura is a sugar-cane juice also originally found in the South American Continent in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador or in the Costa Rica region. It is reduced , formed or let set into large bricks that are then shaved when needed and used as one might imagine, into a very large variety of recipe…It is without a doubt of rather healthier status than refined sugar and found at much lower price so very popular with locals.

It has however created controversy when a German company did register the name as a trade mark , making the people of Brazil rather unhappy about the matter and still until this day, fighting through the legal system to restore what in France since the 15th Century have regulated following the first AOC appellation of the Roquefort cheese via a Parliament Decree . Nowadays, AOC , AOP (protegee) are certificates in place and managed by INAO (Institut national des appellations d’origine) , depending from the Ministry of Agriculture and are here to protect the quality of products and their provenance as well as from fraud and any other industrial “malvenance”.

We (our ancestors) have created such “shields” , set up on the basis of protecting the hard labour provided to obtain what we may now consume as great or fine wine for example , poultry with a name and quality attached , beef with an origin and guaranteed of free from any chemicals and other growth accelerating supplements , but it is for us to and this by unifying our efforts ,to keep on with the constant improvement of relations , protection and education that we may want to keep in the near or far future, the tradition and quality, in our plate and the  mouths of our children and grand children’s.


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