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As there is not so much to look for to in the New Year, being hammered down by high taxes on petrol , therefore food as well as transports and VAT rise, in other words an increase of around 6.5% as well as receiving emails,  rushing through your inbox with speculation that the end of the world has indeed been announced…..
Did I miss something? Please do pinch ….
Well, I would just say, let’s make our home more comfortable, lets place a few pots and pans on the gas and cook ourselves a few more lunches and diners rather than spending our times in the “Great Outdoor”.

Pick yourself a few leaflets on the Lemon Detox while shopping for example, so we may keep our bodies trimmed and beautiful, our skin tonned and feeling fresh as if the whole economy had never collapsed.
Haha…..Imagine just for a second.
Anyway , because this “Blogging” page is NOT on how miserable one can be but rather on products that excites us, makes us want to travel across the globe and watch the famous Luak Civets in the Indonesian Jungle or “cuddling”   a Goat (I place the word cuddling between brackets as to express this as a figure of speech for anyone mistaking my analogy) on a Cypriot Island and see for yourself the result of how good treatment to animals can affect the result of the cheese for example made from its milk….great and basic stuff in other words, also real and much less scary, down to Earth and giving us so much more pleasure.
Food food food.
“I am not angry” I was once told “simply hungry”, and the biggest smile was then sent in my direction as a sign of pride for this joke that had just been shared with me.
It has stayed with me ever since. Like a motto. Applying it to my customers as if I could imagine for one second that their day could go on an empty stomach.
Neni, that is an option you will not find on my menu.

Trends and Fashion are being the subject of our food culture but now geography and special needs are also becoming reasons in our habits and moods swing as to what our food will be tomorrow. Very recently the press association declared that the food in Britain would follow a Nordic trend on this year 2011.

Has the restaurant of the year Noma got anything to do with its appearance on our plates and keen and sudden interest? Herrings and Vasterbottensost cheese (cheese created in 1872 by Ulrika Eleonora in the “heat of passion”) are now to be found on Uk shelves.

I would say , bring it on. Food popularity and growth amongst household has evolved in such ways that all, really , pretty much everything is now for us to reach and grab, shops have been flourishing and restaurant finding queues for months and months so their signature dish might be tasted. Sauerkraut might be found in a local Polish shop where amongst many types of smoked meat and sausages, fresh yeast or dairy product not found anywhere else are at our ease for consumption.

Kashk , this Iranian of origin, concentrated whey and also its drink version are also available, so traditional dishes have their own ingredients for us to find and discover and allow us to take on a global tour by simply turning the taps on and banging a few pots in our kitchens(and a little more than that of course). Kashk-e-Bademjoon is a grill smoked Aubergine dish that is so Yummy , served as a dip or side together with thin and crispy lavash bread, fried onions and without forgetting the dried mint and olive oil heated up at the very last-minute that will lift you up amongst clouds without parallels. I have already spoken about the baked rice dish “Tadig”. Baked for the King, crispy to perfection , with its butter-nut taste crust and soft and fluffy center and the idea of pouring a fresh yoghurt onto this dish served with a thick and juicy piece of spiced Crispy Sea Bass fillet coming out of the hot wood fired oven is giving me the chill, fresh , simple and delicious, smoky flavour and balance , the right acidity and lightness , juiciness and freshness of the fish kept as a whole, speaking for itself, but always well surrounded and full of character.

Well, the year 2010 has been an adventure for many of us as news come and knock on our doors, tv screen and headphones at the switch of a button and as life is an endless roller coaster, with its up and downs, right and left turns ,all smile and/or scary at times, we have to accommodate and participate but most of all we have to grow up, to maturity and then like an old wine, loosing our sharp corners and becoming much rounder, much calibrated and prepared to help and support, becoming much appreciative and appreciated.

Happy and prosperous 2011 to all…oh , and happy cooking !


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