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Let’s not forget……

In Blablabla, Food on December 24, 2010 at 10:52

As we all are preparing ourselves the biggest , scrumptious and lavish meal of the year , not only as a celebration to remind us all of the arrival of our Christ but as family gathers around the table , share jokes , presents and good times, let’s not forget about the estimated 25 000 people in the Uk alone to pass away this harsh winter due to lack of support from our government, high energy price rise …and thus while the giants of the industry are still , even though the times have been described as “hard”, making record profits.

25 000, that is one number isn’t it.

Let’s show by combined and civilised manner, simply supporting one another , that we are not the lame duck and that we will get through this but also come out of it stronger , better, like the chiseled block of granite representing the bust of some of the ones that have built what our world is today and thus certainly not without great efforts.

All surrounding us we must certainly not take for granted , but help preserve, educate and most of all cherish.

The delicious smell of the roast Turkey, Duck or Geese will perfume our loft apartment, the sweet flavour of the soft chestnut will come tickle our sense and the joy found in opening presy picked from under the Christmas tree also emmaning its pungent odour reminding us of the pine forests of the Vosges du Nord, all these will be nothing but a big and juicy dream for some and if they are lucky enough to be even able to read or be in the possession of any of the counts such as the Grimm’s tales, they might just feel teased and sour by the whole idea.
No I am not hereby a party breaker nor am I a cynical .
Christmas is here to remind us all it is a time for sharing…. So am I !

Merry Christmas to you all and a very very Happy New Year!


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