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In Blablabla on November 14, 2010 at 08:08

Waking up this morning after having dreamed I had just done my weekly shopping…..I exclaimed myself…Yesss, one task out of the way.!

But if this had been true, I would not have been able to enjoy such a fabulous day it has been nor would I have found out about this version of whipping cream that is dairy and allergen free , low calories and readily available.

Rice , Oat and Soy milk are used into the production of these substitutes allowing one self to enjoy his or hers chocolate mousse or light diplomat cream found usually in these delicacies that we all well know to appreciate named “éclairs” (Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee…) without the intake of any animal fat for any allergic or intolerance or simply on a dietary restriction  (as animal fat being more difficult to eliminate than vegetal ).

It is nowadays easy to accommodate pretty much any diet to all suits and needs and are available at pretty much all your nearest local health stores (or at least in the London area) .

All ingredients are these days appearing and described onto the side of pretty much everything we are purchasing, it has been deconstructed so we may read its calories and glucose content, its nutritional value or its origin and the way it has been produced such as Fair Trade or “Not Tested on Animals” also showing up and all those informations are there for us to choose from and select attentively and specifically to our moral standards beside our “papilles gustative” ones. This is our very own and personal Quality standard, the one in time of crisis that may be reduced and lowered accordingly , tweaked and played with but that always have the tendency of coming back right up as soon as hard times are over.

Yes, one might say, but what about the cost?

I recently discussed an argument as to what was right for yourself and declared that you are (as one) making your own standard , according of course to your budget ,but also your standing and expectation and taste……you may as well want to ‘reward” yourself with a treat such as for some it is a diner on special occasion or so is a picture at the cinema on any given Sunday or for other ,a luxurious holiday in a faraway destination after a long few months of hard labor .

Robert M Pirsig declared in his second ouvrage “Lila, an Inquiry into Morals” that if the ultimate Quality had to be explained into a single sentence , good would be the adjective of all the metaphysics of its meaning.

By this I intend not only to invite anyone to understand that quality is a personal and of ones standing, but also that it is a legacy , an accumulation of what we all have been experiencing and looking at along and during our modest lives , making us and simply more appreciative of the highest standard we have always and ever been looking for to perfection.

Lets not get carried away into what could take us onto the great (not Ocean but ) philosophical road and let’s get back to our primary interest ….food and food related items.

The reason I am mentioning the above “dietary” items is that as described , the reason for willing to consume such product might be well varied but also for the simple fact that our tables are now viewing more and more …..placing an order at a café parlour, might simply take more than just a breath as your “frapuccino” will be available skinny, soy milk, full fat , with marshmallow or even almond syrup….etc

We are trying to find our ways and mark our identity, forgetting the very simple truth, we are already identified (able) , our ancestors have made all the efforts necessary for us to be able to enjoy, they have roasted the very first coffee bean, flopped an apple pie onto the floor declaring it “Tarte Tatin”, they have discovered for us the magic of the cold and warm emulsion , and shaped our potato into all forms and perforated possible way and imaginable.

What else is out there for us to do….Rhetorical  question of course as we may not only follow and pass on the good and trimmed skills that have been inherited from our seniors but also assure and protect the welcoming of new ideas and techniques and technologies that we may see nowadays ….all philosophy is a philosophy, it may be food related in its analogy but it always goes down to the same idea……getting things understood and of course better .

Lets wait and see now what I’ll find out in my basket in the morning?!

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