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From Argentoratum to Strasbourg

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The Celt Trébéta , son of Sémiramis , father of the Trévires of Trève and Triboques of lower Alsace are the first signs of its origin and date back over 700 000 BC

Contrary to what the Romans might have expected when taking reigns of the area, Argentorate and Alsace region soils had been cultivated  for over 5000 years and metal was being forged and worked for at least 2000 years prior..

The Romans looked at the area as a perfect spot amongst many others along the Rhine River to protect and shape a defense line against all enemy attack and invasion.

The City known as nowadays Strasbourg has seen garnisons and cohorts of Romans centurions from 12BC right up until the early hours of the 5th century when Allemani armies crossed the frozen Rhine and changed its history and its name once more.

Argentorate ,large Celtic village or Argentoratum under Roman Empire, became then Stratisburgum.

Having survived many wars, many invasion , many plagues and numerous strange things such as the “Dancing Plague”  in 1518 where people took to dancing for days without rest, and, over the period of about one month, most of the people died from heart attack, stroke and exhaustion.

Today , Strasbourg is the siege for various and very important modern institutions like the European Parliament , the European Court of Human Right , European Ombudsman , Eurocorps , University of Strasbourg (being the largest in France)……etc and its historic and entire city center ‘Grand Ile’ was in 1988 classified as World Heritage site by UNESCO , please note that no other city has ever received such honor before.

But why am I telling you this one might think, where is this leading, where is the food and rare items and delicacies he offered us earlier on?! Why Strasbourg and why now? Why would that be important to him , to us?

Well, what brings me here, spreading my thoughts onto the screen of my computer however clever this exercise might be is to talk about a city/area I love and where I grew up. A place full of goodness , like a corn of abundance , glorious and graceful , generous and rich , and for those who have never stepped foot on its pine needles soil , sugar beet fields and honey bees filled spring “campagne” air have not lived.

Honey , Berries , Apples and Pears , Plums , Geese and Ducks , Girolles and Ceps , River Trout and Pike , Rare Cereals, its gorgeous traditions around all festivals are a favorite for all foodies as “Bredeles” or biscuits of all sorts are being made in almost every homes in and around Christmas, all with local Hazelnuts and Walnut, the Ginger bread mans hanging on the Christmas Market (Christkindelsmarik since 1570) wooden stalls amongst the smell of the spicy warm wine and cinnamon mixture …or a Flan for Easter and Brioches in the shape of a lamb……..

This is why my thought are being placed onto the WWW today, because my region of origin is simply not a name on “the carte de France” but has an origin, a history , many histories and “comptes” and traditions that still today many are choosing to live by . This prose would be my “message in a bottle”, my missing part that I look upon from time to time  to remind me of who I am , I simply felt the urge to share with you.


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