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14 millions in the City of “Fog”, anything to eat?

In Blablabla, Food, Travel on October 29, 2010 at 14:57


Its heartbeat goes like a rumbling tambourine, busy, busy, busy and growing , improving and keeping afloat amongst all other major cities and competing with the big boys alike , Tokyo, New York ,Shanghai and a handful of other major cosmopolitan Mega Cities.

Its market shares, banking systems, high property prices and extraordinary pressures jobs ……all these comes to ordinary people at extraordinary price. Capital of England and the United Kingdom, with over 300 languages spoken, London is prone to and getting where only a few other cities in the world are going. For others it is purely and simply a mad ,bad and crowded place where no heart and sympathies are shared.

But let me introduce you to the London I know, the London that fascinates me ,feeds me with all its jewels of not only cobbled streets, that without shops would probably not get much of our attention , all its restaurants, art galleries , museums and other things that we now take for granted have all been issued from hard labour and travels and mixture of cultures and risk taking and this buzz that keeps London what it is , also makes it what it is!

One does not come without the other, it is a pair, one item. There is sometimes compromises and sometimes clashes, trials, errors. But also some other times , good things come to life , great things are burgeoning as if it was spring and the beginning of a new season was being announced.

It is this London I would like to talk about, the modern city “in disguise” and underneath its thick walls and traditions , pubs and grubs and classical , colonial attitude  , she is still connected and catching up with everyone , trotting not far behind , testing, sampling and mixing all the foods and culture one can imagine and preparing us for something incredible.

Indian ,Chinese and Japanese restaurants were here , in the Michelin guide , before it even stepped foot on Tokyo , Mumbai or Beijing soil…..what does that tells us, frankly?

The greatest of all classics are still very much here, strong , not in hiding but supporting , like heavy artillery or the first step of a solid wooden ladder , having paved the road for a better tomorrow.

I am here talking about the likes of Albert and Michel Roux, Anton Mosimann , Pierre Koffmann , Raymond Blanc , Gary Rhodes, John Williams , Anton Edelman and Institutions and schools such as the Savoy , the Ritz, Le Gavroche, Le Cordon Bleu, …..etc (amongst sooo many others) all have and still are part of the building team that shapes today’s Britain/London restaurant scene , food culture , education …etc

Now, this is Britain ! My Britain ….


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