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In Cutting Edge, Food, Travel on October 19, 2010 at 19:34

Bless you , one might say!
I did not sneeze…..Please all my Spanish friends forgive my humour , my approach so indelicate for using the name of such a grandiose product and making it a mockery!

A mockery ? and is aged way over a 1000 years old ?

That’s right ,  “EL MIL DEL POAIG” is an extra virgin olive oil recolted from millennial olive trees that have been cultivated for centuries on the hill tops alongside the river EBRO in the Northern Spain.

Amongst 24  municipalities , Catalunia, Valencia and Aragon have formed the “Associacio Territori Del Senia” which is aimed to protect and promote the millennial trees and its heritage.

Harrods in London is selling exclusively the Designed by Cul De Sac (a Spanish Designer) 500ml bottle  with a tag price of £120….making it the most expensive Olive Oil at just over £220/Litre.

Don’t we just love homemade vinaigrette?!


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