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“Sometimes Rare and Sometimes Square”

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When I first started writing about food, I had the intention of “publishing” as myself for Editor, all incredible products and facts around food that I may find along the way and here are a few more examples, regrouped in this blog so not to build an encyclopedia of eccentricity but to report those amazing finds.

Fruits, vegetables, rice,coffees and spices, all standing next to currencies sometimes in an extravagant way. This does not come without taste , the taste of the product itself, it may be the rarest coffee depicted previously or the strong and pungent odour of the Durian Fruit ….all have their right of attention, respect and why not the  opportunity to be sampled.

Ignorance is bliss some would say, yes this would certainly help in the case of reducing our carbon footprint but is a little sacrifice , a gesture for mankind, education for our palate not worth a certain effort in perhaps forwarding those issues into something more concrete or into other industries than ours that mainly deal with natural items such as fruits, vegetables and meat on which we happily feed?

(are you still with me?)

We all know a certain great man’s words of wisdom in his speech “I have a dream”, myself also have a dream, amongst many , a dream where items of food would have no cost , no transport issue, no use by date  and certainly no issue in growing food for none of us…..wouldn’t that be just the ideal world?

While these ideas vaguely float over me, I am hereby adding to my list a few of these interesting food stuff  that I find dear to me, dear in the sense of knowledge in the sense that this exercise is not only constructive for myself, my line of work …etc but also gives me the feeling of forwarding, transmitting something and that if one person, one person only were to tell me that he or she has learned through these words put in a not so random way for me ,  would make this all chapter and philosophical “spread” well worth it! (although no great effort was needed in the construction of this page and no animal was injured in the process)

In 2008 , a Japanese type of melon was sold for the modest sum of £3100….Why? The Auctioneer who purchased the black Densuke watermelon which is grown only on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido wanted to support Japanese agriculture and showed it very well.

Still in Japan and still in the melon business, this time we are going in the Zentsuji region, born out of commodity, this grown into a cubic glass mould melon , have been purposely made square so storage may be easier and avoiding any rolling of the fruit being a must. Clever? I don’t know, different, surely!

 Amabito No Moshio is a salt that has been refined under strict rules, combining old and modern methods. Seaweed is added to the sea water from the Seto Inland Sea which gives it its perfume and unique colour and can obtain prices of £50/kilo for its rarity and long process of fabrication.

China. The Birds Nest made out of the Swiftlet saliva, this rather fast and agile little bird are a delicacy made into soups, believed to be curative and to prolong life they are fetching prices as high as £5000/kilo for the rarest “Red Blood”  version after the white and the black sold for a mere £1000/kilo.

Glacier these days are simply attached (well, ahem!) and dragged to  many places around the globes but specifically to Canada to be processed and bottled up for the retail market as the purest water. Some Glacier are claimed to be between 12 000 and 150 000 years old (yes 150 000) therefore the ice from which they are formed would have absolutely no traces of  any toxins, pollution of the modern days…etc A case of 12 Bottles of 330ml is sold for around £25. Global warming or lucrative new business venture? Once more questions are to be raised. This is an amazing fact as we are more and more in search of the organic products and humanly raised chicken beast…etc Again, contradiction with ourselves , mother nature and the deep end of our pocket!

“Epautre or Ble des Gaulois, even Caviar des cereales”( in French) known as Spelt, is the ancestor of the Wheat germ and is now coming back to our tables , after being used for the making of bread for sometimes wheat allergy sufferer and becoming more of a trend that is not without taste as is delicious wholemeal or “Bise” and has been labelled “IGP”or “Indication Geographique Protegee” since 2009.


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