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“Pick me Up”

In Blablabla, Food, Travel on October 4, 2010 at 21:13

When I need a boost , a friend to help me go through the day and sometimes a kick , I direct myself  , not toward my phone to punch one of my friends number but rather toward my espresso machine or walk into one of these high street coffee place and order myself a single shot of espresso “serre s’il vous plait” for “short” that I will take down in one go, once the bit of brown sugar I stir delicately is properly diluted .

Coffee bean, named the black gold , “we know! so is Caviar and the Perigord Truffle”, but we are here talking about “A” fruit that grows in more than 50 countries  and that is the second largest export in the world after Oil of course.

Usually found within a 1000 miles of the equator and best growing on volcanic soil rich in minerals or soil composed of leafs mould and other organic matters, we may find the two main types of coffee which are the Robusta and the Arabica.(Robusta growing best at low altitude and Arabica better suited for higher altitude growth).

Central and South America produce around two third of the global world supply with Brasil itself being able to obtain 30% of this large chunk.

The coffee tree  produce its first crop when it is around 5 years of age and will so for around another 15 to 20 years.

When in bloom, it is covered with over 25 000 flowers which within 36 hours,  each will develop into fruit….the coffee bean.

However the number of types, origin and quality, I would like to mention the three main that have changed my world since I have had the chance to taste them.

They are the Musketeers, the Three Kings , wearing crown and jewellery but nevertheless not coming unaccompanied. Accompanied indeed as they are all coming round, fully bodied, with character , notes of chocolate, very light in acidity and the three with a very different origin and story to tell.

They are the Kona Hawaii known for being the smartest and tasting of chocolate , Jamaican Blue Mountain for its strength in taste and demand and popularity and of course the rarest Kopi Luwak from Indonesia,  the bean having been digested by the Luwak , Asian Civet living from the fruit.

Once secreted the bean is then “harvested” from the faeces of the animal left behind.

This digestion process breaking the enzyme of the coffee gives it its delicate taste making it rare and “very Special” and is exported in only very small quantities and at very high prices.

A cup of espresso combining Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak at Peter Jones Store in Chelsea ,London that is ,will take a £50 note  from you , leaving no change for tipping the garcon.

What the heck , we only live once


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