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The Bees and the Honey

In Blablabla on October 3, 2010 at 18:35

In the old days, Canaries were used to be the sentinels in the coal mines , so gas leak could be immediately detected.

Nowadays it is the “Bees” and their “Honey” that scientist at the Dusseldorf Airport are meticulously studying in order to measure the levels of toxins , this way the air polution is monitored on constant basis.

There is around 200 000 bees working around the clock and this years harvest seems to be indicating levels of toxins way below the official limit.

The “Honey” branded Dusseldorf Natural is being given as gifts.

I just wish all natural products such as milk, fruits and vegetables…etc were used in the very same practical way known as “Terrestrial Indicator” and that hopefully less conservative, additive were added to extend shelve life , transport and decrease loss…therefore rising to no end.

This reflects and take me onto my last words of moral that cycle through my mind:

If the bees can do it, so can we ?!


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