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Mr & Mrs Fuji’s Food

In Blablabla on September 26, 2010 at 16:34

Fuji food is one of those little sushi/sashimi shops you would expect finding right in central London, tucked into a cobbled street, in the like area of hype Soho or in and around Chinatown.

Muswell Hill , alongside Alexandra Palace is where you will find this gem of caterer not without character ,run by this charming family, Mr and Mrs Fuji and now operating since 2004. It is so tiny it never gets crowded but they surely have found the right “formula” as they always are working their socks off using fresh and organic products…… Something magical about them.

For me? It is the Black Cod miso or the prawn and avocado inside out” that does the trick, made before you ,then rolled into tiny golden Tobiko (Flying fish roe) that will add a little crunch and texture. It is soft ,creamy although I have now lowered my order from 3 to 2 rolls, so once I have taken all my maki down ,I am always feeling like I could go for more …..I know not everyone would agree with this reverse psychologies, it just keeps me healthy, physically and mentally.

Vegetables, snacks and other typical Japanese product are here, Moshi, Wasabi and black Sesame Ice Cream bordering the freezer shelves. I would be very sad to see this local shop I discovered when I first moved in the area, disappearing , as it has now become one of my weekly favourite and definite recommendation however serious you might take my word:)

All in all, thank you for being here and pleasing my palate, long live Fuji Food


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