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“Heirloom” Nanjing Rice

In Food on September 25, 2010 at 13:10

Black or Nanjing rice coming from the region of Jiangsu (modern days Nanjing) in East China , also called the “Forbidden Rice” , was the reserve only of the then Emperor of the Han Dynasty, therefore no one else was allowed to eat it.

It is to be cooked like a risotto and has a round and nutty taste.

Absolutely delicious with all sorts of dishes and also has a rich deep black/purple colour once cooked.

Very nutritious as part of the brown rice family and is a whole grain rice on its own.

High in fiber, minerals , vitamin B / E , calcium, zinc…and amino acids.

Black rice is issue from an “Heirloom” plant.

An heirloom plant was commonly grown at earlier stage of human history and is not cultivated in modern large scale industrial/agriculture.

It has also kept its original pollination traits and have not been subsequently grafted and cut such as the like , like apple , cherries and many other common fruits these days to “turn” them commestible.

Nowadays it is a trend and very popular amongst gardener to grow heirloom fruits, plants…in our gardens such as tomatoes, squash…etc


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