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“La Belle Famille du Mermoz”

In Travel on September 24, 2010 at 19:15

The Mermoz, this beauty of the seas was navigating across the globe from the Caribbean to the Fjords from 1970 after being converted until June 2008 when she was brought off the coast of Alang India to be broken down piece by piece.Numerous homage were made in the past and this is my bit, my mark of respect and goodbye for this great lady that took me from Acapulco to Point a Pitre …

Having enjoyed some of my best travel experience and making me discover way beyond my imagination what the world is made of, its people, Oceans, Culture and of course the coconut Ice Cream at the St Lucia Hotel on  (Guess where?) St Lucia Island of course.

When you are 20 years old, there is nothing , nothing, once you have seen this , that can ever stop you from dreaming.

Since I have stepped back on good and hard soil (an this is a while ago), I have and feel from time to time , seasick….Probably the nostalgia! This boy is silly you will say….Yes , silly and in love , I love my planet and Mermoz was my carriage, my taxi, with her/him at the time, there was no tomorrow, every new stop on our cruise was going to be unknown territory and this meant a loving great time ahead…

From the commandant diner to the grill restaurant “Le Chef” Jean-Louis Abauzit dit Jeannot ,Maitre Cuisinier de France and Maitre Rotisseur, knew most definitely how to handle the “Chefs Corsaires” that use to form the kitchen brigade on board of Mermoz (a la Kitchen Confidential). From time to time I miss them all ,but what would life be without moving forward, exactly what Mermoz taught me while hopping from port to port , through the rough seas as well as under hot Mexican sun.

Aie Caramba!


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