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Whif VS Oup’s……

In Cutting Edge on September 20, 2010 at 14:34

Le Whif…..New concept introduced by Thierry Marx.I feel a few words need to be said on this new little toy/taster as I have tried it after finding out about it a few months ago. The concept , the idea….is interresting indeed. A new way of taking your chocolate (Chocolate,Raspberry, Mint,Coffee) fix without the calories so for you ladies, the feeling of being naughty without the self concious bitter feeling you are facing on daily basis…

It is small, compact and the design is ‘Cute’. Although the explanations leaves you perplex and does not explain how to avoid inhaling a dose of very fine cocoa powder without coughing yourself .

Not to be taken with moderation but for every one out there willing to give it a try…..

You might as well consider trying out ‘Oup’s’, the new concept of Olivier Nasti (Alcoholic this one) which is made on a base of unfermented pure grape juice with an added fruit alcohol  (Ginger, Raspberry, Plum…) Yum ….and  Hic!

Oup’s is light and fruity and may be consumed as an aperitif or digestif…Which one is your favourite?

  1. Une petite gourmandise toute en légèreté!J’ai eu la chance de connaître le Whif grâce à Chef Marx en juin dernier,et je peux dire qu’il en est très friand!A bientôt!Van Anh

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