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The Food Revolution Is Here

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 21:07

Jamie is on his way to bring a million signature for a better education at school in the US as well as in the UK while others are blogging against his efforts. I have spent the entire evening demonstrating to my Facebook friends that these actions ARE the right thing to do….there is simply no alternative.

My thought and efforts will be for and not against his hard and well worth work, he has proved previously that he has the right attitude for the job and still has not hanged up his gloves. Ding ding round two.

We have become a consumer society to the point of self-destruction, we jog, squat or yoga by fashion but we eat according to our wallet?

I do not believe the solution is in blaming the “social classes”, our grand parents use to grow and cherish their crops and so should we.

Someone mentioned an anecdote that ocured during his travel between Pakistan and India. The narrator knew he was going to travel by night and guessed he would not be able to know the exact point dividing the two countries while high in the mountain until his Indian friend said that he should trust himself as the passage to India is always being felt in a way or another(in other words, he will know when he has crossed the border as something will tell him so). Indeed in the middle of the night he heard a noise coming from the road and turned around when he saw two young boys hanging by the radiator of this giant truck riding at high gear, one filling the radiator with water while the second recuperating it leaking underneath to pass it to his accomplice…….In India they simply never give up!

Go and sign the petition for better food education….it only makes sense!


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