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Alsace Wine Route

In Wine on September 19, 2010 at 19:34

Being a chef does get me one step closer from the wine, and being from the Alsace region keeps me with my both two feet in it. My love for the region finest wine is engraved within, something that cannot be taken away from me and I have all the intention in the world to keep it.

It is often being used in our traditional cooking ,for poaching fruits, to marinate Foie Gras and serve it with such as Vendange Tardive Gewurtztraminer, I must also mention the famous vin de “Glace” ….A grape squeezed while still frozen so only the purest and sweetest nectar is recolted (high in sugar content and syrupy and thick you would almost mistake if for honey)…. I could just fly over for a sip of this “Concentrated Vendange Tardives”….fortunately I always have a bottle in store and must say that when entering any wine seller, looking at any restaurant menu….I will always, always check the Alsace region content.

My last time  in the region was with a passage through the villages and towns that shape the “Wine Route” or “La Route des Vins d’Alsace”…what a delectable journey to stop amongst the vine for a picnic or visiting the cave of the Vignerons Recoltant such as Andre and Christian Dock in Heilingenstein where I found a few samples to accompany me on my journey back to the Uk , store carefully and open up on a “Homesicky Day” to remind me of what a great region I have left behind.

Alsace is a place that is not only rich but cultivated and worked in harmony ,its people are proud and the most respectful….Every single visit for me has now become a fantastic experience as being away from it for so long but this helps me realise that it is a truly marvellous place not only to live but to visit and discover


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