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Blogging, moi ?

In Blablabla on September 18, 2010 at 11:40

As I have been scrolling ,commenting and even started to become judgemental about other bloggers pages, I thought that before anyone sends me off by telling me to go and write on my own one, that starting this ‘Blog’ was in order:)
I love eating ,drinking ,market shopping, travelling, meeting …and all that would be of any food related interrest and allowing me to discover and find new tastes,odours ,savours, but thinking about it is way beyond my control….it may and has the power to take me back to my mothers kitchen, 15, 20 years ago….some other times even further back…would that be speaking my age?!
Who or what else has those powers?!

Thinking ….so as it is I will try and apply my thoughts onto this page and share my discoveries with any of you.

I live in London since spring 95 and learned and discovered the city but I am still amazed to find new spots,markets, shops or little districts were you may simply find all around you that you need , I think of Elizabeth Street , Soho… etc
The restaurants scene has move up the ladder as if there was no tomorrow (I know ,we’ve all been subject to the latest recession) supermarket have burgeoned but also we may have noticed a fight back from the farmers, organic shops…..Q’: are we abusing and destroying whatever we might have build around us….We not only need to protect ourselves , each others and everyone else but also all good things that surround us.

I may wish you will enjoy my experience as a novice in writting about my love for my food and welcome your comments ,reflections…


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