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Mr & Mrs Fuji’s Food

In Blablabla on September 26, 2010 at 16:34

Fuji food is one of those little sushi/sashimi shops you would expect finding right in central London, tucked into a cobbled street, in the like area of hype Soho or in and around Chinatown.

Muswell Hill , alongside Alexandra Palace is where you will find this gem of caterer not without character ,run by this charming family, Mr and Mrs Fuji and now operating since 2004. It is so tiny it never gets crowded but they surely have found the right “formula” as they always are working their socks off using fresh and organic products…… Something magical about them.

For me? It is the Black Cod miso or the prawn and avocado inside out” that does the trick, made before you ,then rolled into tiny golden Tobiko (Flying fish roe) that will add a little crunch and texture. It is soft ,creamy although I have now lowered my order from 3 to 2 rolls, so once I have taken all my maki down ,I am always feeling like I could go for more …..I know not everyone would agree with this reverse psychologies, it just keeps me healthy, physically and mentally.

Vegetables, snacks and other typical Japanese product are here, Moshi, Wasabi and black Sesame Ice Cream bordering the freezer shelves. I would be very sad to see this local shop I discovered when I first moved in the area, disappearing , as it has now become one of my weekly favourite and definite recommendation however serious you might take my word:)

All in all, thank you for being here and pleasing my palate, long live Fuji Food


“Heirloom” Nanjing Rice

In Food on September 25, 2010 at 13:10

Black or Nanjing rice coming from the region of Jiangsu (modern days Nanjing) in East China , also called the “Forbidden Rice” , was the reserve only of the then Emperor of the Han Dynasty, therefore no one else was allowed to eat it.

It is to be cooked like a risotto and has a round and nutty taste.

Absolutely delicious with all sorts of dishes and also has a rich deep black/purple colour once cooked.

Very nutritious as part of the brown rice family and is a whole grain rice on its own.

High in fiber, minerals , vitamin B / E , calcium, zinc…and amino acids.

Black rice is issue from an “Heirloom” plant.

An heirloom plant was commonly grown at earlier stage of human history and is not cultivated in modern large scale industrial/agriculture.

It has also kept its original pollination traits and have not been subsequently grafted and cut such as the like , like apple , cherries and many other common fruits these days to “turn” them commestible.

Nowadays it is a trend and very popular amongst gardener to grow heirloom fruits, plants…in our gardens such as tomatoes, squash…etc

“La Belle Famille du Mermoz”

In Travel on September 24, 2010 at 19:15

The Mermoz, this beauty of the seas was navigating across the globe from the Caribbean to the Fjords from 1970 after being converted until June 2008 when she was brought off the coast of Alang India to be broken down piece by piece.Numerous homage were made in the past and this is my bit, my mark of respect and goodbye for this great lady that took me from Acapulco to Point a Pitre …

Having enjoyed some of my best travel experience and making me discover way beyond my imagination what the world is made of, its people, Oceans, Culture and of course the coconut Ice Cream at the St Lucia Hotel on  (Guess where?) St Lucia Island of course.

When you are 20 years old, there is nothing , nothing, once you have seen this , that can ever stop you from dreaming.

Since I have stepped back on good and hard soil (an this is a while ago), I have and feel from time to time , seasick….Probably the nostalgia! This boy is silly you will say….Yes , silly and in love , I love my planet and Mermoz was my carriage, my taxi, with her/him at the time, there was no tomorrow, every new stop on our cruise was going to be unknown territory and this meant a loving great time ahead…

From the commandant diner to the grill restaurant “Le Chef” Jean-Louis Abauzit dit Jeannot ,Maitre Cuisinier de France and Maitre Rotisseur, knew most definitely how to handle the “Chefs Corsaires” that use to form the kitchen brigade on board of Mermoz (a la Kitchen Confidential). From time to time I miss them all ,but what would life be without moving forward, exactly what Mermoz taught me while hopping from port to port , through the rough seas as well as under hot Mexican sun.

Aie Caramba!

The Food Revolution Is Here

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 21:07

Jamie is on his way to bring a million signature for a better education at school in the US as well as in the UK while others are blogging against his efforts. I have spent the entire evening demonstrating to my Facebook friends that these actions ARE the right thing to do….there is simply no alternative.

My thought and efforts will be for and not against his hard and well worth work, he has proved previously that he has the right attitude for the job and still has not hanged up his gloves. Ding ding round two.

We have become a consumer society to the point of self-destruction, we jog, squat or yoga by fashion but we eat according to our wallet?

I do not believe the solution is in blaming the “social classes”, our grand parents use to grow and cherish their crops and so should we.

Someone mentioned an anecdote that ocured during his travel between Pakistan and India. The narrator knew he was going to travel by night and guessed he would not be able to know the exact point dividing the two countries while high in the mountain until his Indian friend said that he should trust himself as the passage to India is always being felt in a way or another(in other words, he will know when he has crossed the border as something will tell him so). Indeed in the middle of the night he heard a noise coming from the road and turned around when he saw two young boys hanging by the radiator of this giant truck riding at high gear, one filling the radiator with water while the second recuperating it leaking underneath to pass it to his accomplice…….In India they simply never give up!

Go and sign the petition for better food education….it only makes sense!

Whif VS Oup’s……

In Cutting Edge on September 20, 2010 at 14:34

Le Whif…..New concept introduced by Thierry Marx.I feel a few words need to be said on this new little toy/taster as I have tried it after finding out about it a few months ago. The concept , the idea….is interresting indeed. A new way of taking your chocolate (Chocolate,Raspberry, Mint,Coffee) fix without the calories so for you ladies, the feeling of being naughty without the self concious bitter feeling you are facing on daily basis…

It is small, compact and the design is ‘Cute’. Although the explanations leaves you perplex and does not explain how to avoid inhaling a dose of very fine cocoa powder without coughing yourself .

Not to be taken with moderation but for every one out there willing to give it a try…..

You might as well consider trying out ‘Oup’s’, the new concept of Olivier Nasti (Alcoholic this one) which is made on a base of unfermented pure grape juice with an added fruit alcohol  (Ginger, Raspberry, Plum…) Yum ….and  Hic!

Oup’s is light and fruity and may be consumed as an aperitif or digestif…Which one is your favourite?

Alsace Wine Route

In Wine on September 19, 2010 at 19:34

Being a chef does get me one step closer from the wine, and being from the Alsace region keeps me with my both two feet in it. My love for the region finest wine is engraved within, something that cannot be taken away from me and I have all the intention in the world to keep it.

It is often being used in our traditional cooking ,for poaching fruits, to marinate Foie Gras and serve it with such as Vendange Tardive Gewurtztraminer, I must also mention the famous vin de “Glace” ….A grape squeezed while still frozen so only the purest and sweetest nectar is recolted (high in sugar content and syrupy and thick you would almost mistake if for honey)…. I could just fly over for a sip of this “Concentrated Vendange Tardives”….fortunately I always have a bottle in store and must say that when entering any wine seller, looking at any restaurant menu….I will always, always check the Alsace region content.

My last time  in the region was with a passage through the villages and towns that shape the “Wine Route” or “La Route des Vins d’Alsace”…what a delectable journey to stop amongst the vine for a picnic or visiting the cave of the Vignerons Recoltant such as Andre and Christian Dock in Heilingenstein where I found a few samples to accompany me on my journey back to the Uk , store carefully and open up on a “Homesicky Day” to remind me of what a great region I have left behind.

Alsace is a place that is not only rich but cultivated and worked in harmony ,its people are proud and the most respectful….Every single visit for me has now become a fantastic experience as being away from it for so long but this helps me realise that it is a truly marvellous place not only to live but to visit and discover

Food education

In Blablabla on September 19, 2010 at 10:15

Here we are, Jamie is back in the Uk still facing the same dilemma, it has actually become worst. Fighting obesity in our society is a continuous addition of battles/victories, without the support of the government he is still determinate to carry on with his belief under his arm. Rock on Jamie your fans out there are supportive and the nation willing to get along with the dieting you are imposing on them. We know that it is funds that are needed, let’s associate ourselves (GB) on this epic journey and care more for one another.
The facts speak for themselves, the right ear is where they need ending!

The Whole Foods Market High Street Ken…

In Food, Wine on September 18, 2010 at 17:56

What a great way to spread the love but to break a few eggs in a bowl with a touch of sour cream and sniped chives,whisk briskly and cook your omelette in a nut of fresh foamy butter by making sure the bottom does not colour and stays well soft and pale so onctuous and “Moelleuse/Baveuse” . Add you wild sauteed mushroom ,it can be Girolles , Chanterelles or a handful of Trumpets . This will take you a long long way

The Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington London is a jewel of a shop. Fresh, Organic and sourced without being politically correct nothing has been left aside. Seafood ,teas , fruits and vegetables, cheeses and wine all have their Kings and Queens there …from all over and all over…. a few floors.

How About That!?

In Food, Travel on September 18, 2010 at 15:24

Wood Fired Crepes in Vincennes this afternoon , as reported by Christophe Deve….

I find this fabulous and it shows very well that old fashion methods can bring so much in our every day comfort, I want one! Eurostar check, carte d’identitee check……Paris me voila

Merci Christophe.

Blogging, moi ?

In Blablabla on September 18, 2010 at 11:40

As I have been scrolling ,commenting and even started to become judgemental about other bloggers pages, I thought that before anyone sends me off by telling me to go and write on my own one, that starting this ‘Blog’ was in order:)
I love eating ,drinking ,market shopping, travelling, meeting …and all that would be of any food related interrest and allowing me to discover and find new tastes,odours ,savours, but thinking about it is way beyond my control….it may and has the power to take me back to my mothers kitchen, 15, 20 years ago….some other times even further back…would that be speaking my age?!
Who or what else has those powers?!

Thinking ….so as it is I will try and apply my thoughts onto this page and share my discoveries with any of you.

I live in London since spring 95 and learned and discovered the city but I am still amazed to find new spots,markets, shops or little districts were you may simply find all around you that you need , I think of Elizabeth Street , Soho… etc
The restaurants scene has move up the ladder as if there was no tomorrow (I know ,we’ve all been subject to the latest recession) supermarket have burgeoned but also we may have noticed a fight back from the farmers, organic shops…..Q’: are we abusing and destroying whatever we might have build around us….We not only need to protect ourselves , each others and everyone else but also all good things that surround us.

I may wish you will enjoy my experience as a novice in writting about my love for my food and welcome your comments ,reflections…

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