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Fit Body, Strong Mind

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Learning any new language , especially the one of fitness , with its complex and technical specs (dietary , workout programs, body functioning and methods getting the best out of it) does take understanding

In any case it is an ordeal that does bring along new horizon, new doors into this next journey we are about to embark on, with its thinking, attitude but by all mean ,more pain than in any other linguistic pugilism.




Our body is our temple and how and what we make of it is entirely up to us, we may as well cherish it (suggestive narrative)….

So, not to contradict nor question his holiness the Dalai Lama’s


quote :

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health”….


Are we not born in an evolving manner, In a way that makes us imperfect despite being so perfect?

In a way that allows for us to grow, learn, not without effort , but so for all in the search of it may be getting closer to its true perfection, if wishing so!?…


Loud thought…..


….Tearing or recruiting muscle fiber from our very own calf or scapular muscle so to strengthen our ability is all food for the soul , only a knob on a door that will be extending our life , as if by miracle , the fountain of life had been discovered


No laughing matter here


Our attachment to this new form of living , letting down all past “skills” such as gluttony (laughter) will provide lightness in the body but also in the mind



“Only 10% of our happiness comes from external circumstances”


It partly is about healthy eating , lifestyle , moderating all excess and removing purposeless ….and negatives   (other laughter)


This made it simple for me to conclude I no longer need expanding on the matter as I have here delivered the best old/newcomer item ever…


Forget square shaped watermelon, omit aged iceberg dragged across the seven seas so to find it bottled on your table once melted (tic-toc) , pass the thought that Kopi Luak has now become your best morning wakeup friend, truthfully!? Kona Hawai will take you to higher level of comfort anyway ….

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.21.06


Food for the thought:


Table talk isn’t about food

It is about a connection

Making up, not break up

It is about closing this next deal over a great supper

About sharing the wine , that special bottle that has aged in your cellar , the one you have kept with the most care for this special occasion

It is about life and the way we see and show we understood all about it


This goes without pretention but I am able saying with a certain assertiveness :


It is about us


C’est la Rentree

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“C’est la rentree” was started and planned to be “pressed” early September,

for some reason, it has never left my desktop but as a “work in construction”,

It has been  since , not neglected but rather left aside, brewing  or stewing slowly, thus until today’s “Eureka!”

Seeing this “Art Piece” on the shelves of one of our reliable stores , the one you would entrust with the health of your wallet , I knew I had hit the jackpot of all blogs , revering any unnacessible and palatable shenanigan.

If there was a top ten list of all rare and estrange items I have had on my own discovery “channel” this far , although I was kind of expecting it at some point in my life , this one would most definitely top it up.

Because , by respect for my other work sourced way past today’s event and already imprinted into this page, in straight line as per awaiting their turn  , I have decided entertaining you until the very bottom of this A4 draft , prior , at last , and revealing this “monster” of our ages (21st Century) before you…

Letting myself being carried by the nonetheless dramatic notes of “Cannon and Guigue for 3 Violins” , having had all summer gorging my nostrils with the warmth of the grapes harshly battered by the sunrays in the Bordeaux region , the taste of its beverage still rolling in my mouthful leaving its tannin opening to my sense before flowing down my throat now providing me with the refreshing sensation “enivrante”, leaving “Twitts” and “Like” buttons far from view, not denying their useful and entertaining use, but as we would all agree with, there is a time for everything…

I could now easily speak of something new, as for example of something named “An Yanshi’s” or the most expensive tea in the world.

It is produced from organic Panda fertilizer (dung).

Having reached sky high prices, this original tea has indeed created quiet a bit of a stir in the Szechuan county of China where it is being produced.

As tea’s are being considered , treated and venered as equaly as us French do respect our wines , having rare and delicate leafs/picks , “Milesime” and rarities , it is easy for one imagining how a cup of ancient beverage may alleviate one’s pocket.

–     The next chapter will have us all try , despite the wave of campaign against Palm Oil used in so many of our much loved childhood products, everyone of us wishing alternative may be found so to keep our “traditions” if I may call them so , alive  , what we may all remember as spread.

Guiding you through my thoughts and “knowledge” of this discovery about the finger “dipping, although never experienced, I am quiet surprised such idea has not seen our cupboards rather 30 years ago when WE  had (as children that is) all excuses/reason, deep cleaning the side of each and everyone pot of chocolate paste without even feeling guilty, just a touch naughty, forgetting it’s politically incorrect list of ingredients.

Nevertheless the idea probably leaves many of us with a glinch of a smile , getting the idea passing through their front head , for being caught looking at it twice

“Kase Stifte” is a set of three large “pencils” shaped pieces of parmesan, yes the cheese that is , each and everyone of them having its own individual colour/flavor. (Truffle,Chilly & Pesto)

“Cheesy” I realise but , can someone guess how to consume it……..that is right , pure genius is here seen in my view ……shaving its tip with the help of a pencil sharpener!?

As the winter season has knocked on our doors in a very harsh way that is , we may only praise the comfort found into one of the great and numerous warmer dishes of the season often found in a cup or bowl , smelling earthy and gorged with the addition of a smoked meat or even fish , waiting patiently for the spring to return so to try this appealing “Carrot Tartare” as per demonstrated.

Again another bright approach , making a vegetarian dish as elaborated in its “construction” and thought given , with the outmost certainty of an added extra flavor due to its originality….. I cannot wait not forcing myself to try…

Now, as we are approaching the closure of my “today’s exhuberating and fun sharing of thoughts and discovery” I am about posting a picture without any comment so to “accompagne”

Having refered to earlier in my introduction, I am still left perplex as to ways or what sort of thought , as they are currently numerous, I shall share with you….

I’d rather leave you to it while I slowly step backward, generously bowing as per a theatrical entrance, hereby exit as per an escape, polite , usually excited for taking every opportunity in practicing the craft of writing , hereby leaving me with a tiny bit of shame for what we may have come to….

Est-ce la fin ?

I Smell Ink

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As writing nowadays is somehow different from the depository of ink its process was or use to be , it does still provide us with the slow building of the words so for the eye to read and discover gently its set up , the background , the scenario unveiling itself and therefore the story, telling slowly something that will please , perhaps makes one free his/her imagination , laugh or even cry , dream or revive past and present experiences , a moment in time as a deja-vu , as per magic.


We are by all means trying hard so to keep our thoughts to ourselves in an egoist and selfish way by fear of being judged beside of lacking being polite but also by apprehension of any “represailles”, and are all acting as per the river bed with the direction of its course all being dictated prior to even being a source.

By this stand , in a contradictory way that is , not making statement of what we all believe in , not getting our word out there , is to be seen as an acceptance of the wrong time perhaps endured , not taking good use of one’s misfortune would be missing all present chances .
Shields may be build around ourselves , words written so to express one’s desire or will.

In contrary absenteeism may be put into place and used so to protect ourselves , but would that be worth it , wouldn’t it be rather helpful taking the step , the matter into hands so for to tackle its issues , its wrongdoing and malfunctioning so to lift and elevate its original subject back to the level it fully deserve….!?

Many are still very hungry nowadays , feeding their offspring on a rationed bowl of rice per day , per week perhaps , all this right under our nose …

World Food Day is representing the date (16th October) the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation was founded in 1945.
This date acting as a reminded yearly so to keep people aware of the world food related injustice and of its lack of progress in any form or shape (my most profound and sincere apologies for this bold statement) , nowadays statistic still demonstrating by ways of horrible numbers and comparisons , human being race towards hurting themselves/itself is very much still going on. . .

The main reason for having an entrance, a “punchline” of intensity , perhaps a tiny bit philosophical , from time to time out of focus , the reason for this to be found in a Blog that is food related, a page based on items of pleasure, new and exotic , erotic sometimes , is simply to remind us all that while we write , eat and enjoy much of what we all love doing (Chefs talk), that behind all these great discovered rare cocoa and almost non existent types of salt , amazing coffees and the most sought after GM free corn and organic & locally sourced vegetables, there is a story to tell, not only starting at the point of the ploughing and seeding of this amazing crop but also the experience that has been lived and experienced …. possibly by someone or a family that may or may not have had to sell her farm/land … eventually stopping a whole generation of tradition in the making of this family recipe qualified as“delightful” for numerous years , so to leave it all at the mercy of “giants”, but also of its consequences on our eating habits, demand and most of all making of (such as branding , trade marking …etc )

While other notes spring into mind , to confirm his/her love for a car “by the simplest example”, one may want to take it for a stroll….
A rapid drive in the city, checking it’s acceleration, braking , agility and perhaps also reliability, in not only speeding (30) but also slidding through traffic with the agility of an Eel so to see how this engineered creature would make its way through rocks and corals while duck diving rock bottom, making surface only rarely… one may want to hold on tight.

Equally , a kitchen has to be tested, felt and built around its chef, it has to be within “you”, right under your skin, one may (should) want it to be tidy and clean at all time , with all its members walking towards the same goal, making fresh and delicious food, keeping your clientele not only happy, but also in good health and shape, therefore , this including no place for filth, nor aggressive behavior

Much too often kitchens have had fingers pointed at them on the ground for the low ranking , “cow-boys” knives carrying “hooligans” (see “kitchen confidential, Anthony Bourdain’s 90’s classic”) using abusive language so to get their way , although thanks so much to nowadays higher standard and better food culture , things have changed, evolved, and although “primate” attitude towards their staff are still being seen on regular basis, a bunch of good natured peoples are being holding the reigns making certain things do not get lost spiralling out of control.

As per example too often seen in the form of insuficience in the cooking of a chicken or fish… lack of personality demonstrated into the food preparation process, and often pure laziness in the making , simply moving a chicken from its delivery box onto the roasting tray, with the exclusion of any form of preparation, clear lack of love that it most certainly well deserve, usually demonstrated by removing unwanted parts, cleaning and seasoning of the bird prior it is being placed into a hot oven would be the strict minimum a chef could provide this poultry as any form of thank you for this “offering”…

The most simplistic approach above described only relate one article to another  , demonstrating our lack of compassion for each other being the root of many of our todays issues we are being faced with . By Changing this , educating , promoting and finally , speaking , we will not only participate in the making but also become its stronghold , giving a voice to the ones whom have none.

“A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway”

This should keeps us going !

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